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Ncvo Ghana in partnership with Partnership Bureau

Organised the Maiden Africa Nonprofit Summit on 15 May 2025.  

The summit was a resounding success! It was a privilege to see nonprofits, organizations, and individuals come together to drive positive change in Africa. Thank you to all the participants, speakers, and partners for making this event truly impactful. Let's continue working together to create a brighter future for the nonprofit sector in Africa. 

The Maiden Africa Nonprofit Summit featured:


Tailored plenary discussions offering unique insights into the challenges and opportunities of running a nonprofit in Ghana.

expert-led worshops

NPO directives 2020, Non-Profit organisation legal and tax compliance.


Effective organizational management and collaboration for sustainable impact. 

Networking Opportunities

Connect with nonprofit leaders, founders and key stakeholders in order to build meaningful partnerships to drive positive change across Africa.


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