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Meet Non-profits that have participated in our trainings 




Hopeworks Ghana is a Non-Profit Organization that is committed to empowering the youth (especially the disadvantaged) to discover their dreams. Hopeworks Ghana is recognized by the Government of Ghana through the Department of Social Welfare as International NGO with Registration number: D.S.W./7623. Our focus areas include economic empowerment, charity, Disability/Autism, and health. The organization’s programs and activities are funded through its resource mobilization initiatives and donor communities and individuals.


We build confidence by giving beneficiaries the opportunity to succeed because they are capable of achieving their dreams and aspirations in life. We build a strong and lasting relationship with individuals and corporate bodies (governmental, commercial, and faith-based organizations) to help us in achieving our goal.

IGEA Enterprise.jpg


IGEA Enterprise advocates for investment into quality education for girls living in rural communities in Africa. They are currently working on tackling period poverty for girls living in Northern Ghana with reusable period pad kits to support girls able to attend school whilst menstruating.

Proffer aid.jpg


Proffer Aid is an international not-for-profit organization dedicated to addressing health problems within the Ghanaian community. The PAIF is working towards bridging the gap between health care services and the patients. As a known fact in Sub-Saharan Africa, there are many more ill-stricken people who for several reasons are unable to access health care. PAIF works hard to reach such persons who appear to be invisible and voiceless. PAIF organizes health events in deep rural areas where governments of such countries seem to have been unable to provide medical care. Our main targets are mainly women, children, and the aged. However generally our programs are organized on an extensive basis to reach all persons needing health care.

Ohemaafdn logo.png


Ohemaa Foundation was founded on 3rd November 2017 to create awareness for the rights of children and their development across Ghana. The organization was registered in The Netherlands on 29th April 2019 under registration number 74695738 and the name Stichting Ohemaa Foundation.

As a non-profit, our mission is to serve as a beacon of hope for children and be a source of inspiration to the younger generation. Ohemaa Foundation seeks to transform the lives of millions of children in low-income communities by focusing on literacy and gender equality in education.


– Reduce child homelessness in Ghana.
– Support Ghanaian orphanages financially.
– Support children with disabilities.
– Support schools in deprived areas.



Voices on the mount is an International youth empowerment movement that is aimed at empowering and mobilizing young people by equipping them with the needed skills and platforms as well as connections that help to provide the opportunity and platform for young people to make a difference now with the power of their voices, ideas, and actions


What We Do

  • Skill and Idea development

  • Philanthropy/Charity

  • Activism/Advocacy

  • Youth Empowerment/Development

  • Diaspora and International Affairs and relations.

Glaucoma outreach.jpg


The Glaucoma Outreach Project was established in February 2019. The founder of this Eye project is Amoateng Kenneth. The co-founders are; Dr. Amankwah Kwarteng Ebenezer, Oforiwaa Asamoah Stephanie, and Akomaning Danso Buabeng Justice. It is a Non-profitable Organisation that seeks to mobilize young people from different backgrounds to aid fighting the sneak thief of sight called Glaucoma. Our scope of work is through outreach, seminars, webinars, Glaucoma Health campaigns attached to Free Eye screening Exercises.


1. It is our mission to educate and create awareness about the silent thief of sight (Glaucoma).

2. Reach out to people, irrespective of their geographical locations to educate, create awareness, and inform people of the need for regular eye check-ups.


The vision we hold is to save the sights of our people and do all we can to prevent and fight Glaucoma. We also aspire to prevent blindness

JEAP Fpundation.jpg


JEAP Foundation is a non-profit organization that seeks to pattern the community on the journey of caring and sharing for the less privileged. The Impact project which is under the auspices of the Foundation seeks to help and support the brilliant but needy students in deprived communities.

Towah Foundation.jpg


Towah Foundation was founded in November 2017 with the sole aim of offering hope to Ghana, Africa, and the world at large through charity, education, leadership training, social inclusion, and women empowerment. This is our aim towards actualizing the Sustainable development goals:

  • GOAL 4: Quality Education

  • GOAL 5: Gender Equality

  • GOAL 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

  • GOAL 10: Reduced Inequality

Our Mission is to raise leaders for the future, provide hope, and empower people to change their world.

To see a society that does not give up easily to the changes in life but has hope for the future.

Our values

  • To raise great leaders

  • Service to humanity/giving back to society

  • Empowering women and girls in Africa

Love foundation club.jpg


Love Foundation Club is a non-profit charity organization based in Ghana whose vision is to eradicate streetism on the African continent through education. Thus making education accessible to every child irrespective of status, class, and background.
Founded in 2016, Love Foundation Club has embarked on several charity projects; from sharing food to the homeless on the streets, giving scholarships to brilliant but needy children on the streets, embarking on health screening to the sick, donating of educational supplies to schools in remote communities to the building of schools in deprived villages.

WhatsApp Image 2020-06-30 at


The Fox Institute is a Youth and  Student oriented organization established to advocate, highlight, and offer practical leadership and skill development training to the youth and students to improve performance and value creation. The institute’s tailor-made interventions in skills development, peer-learning, and information exchange are designed to strengthen the operational capacities and professionalism of the youth and students so they can better transform the country and African Continent.

To reinforce and transform the capacities and ideologies of students and youth in the country and Africa. 

To identify both the social and economic needs within the student and youth community and seek to create opportunities and strategies that will address those in practical ways and in the best interest of the country and Africa in the long run. 

Ghana initiative.jpg


Our vision is to see targeted communities in Ghana transformed with the love and power of the kingdom of God through the ministries of compassion and grace. We want to see churches emerge full of passionate followers of Jesus. Our ministry is focused on three areas of growth in the lives and hearts of the Ghanaian people. They include medical agricultural and nutritional training and spiritual transformation.  
Our ministry welcomes volunteers who are willing to give of themselves to see the lives and hearts of the poor and needy transformed in the name of Jesus.



The Extra Mile GH is a company registered in Ghana with RGD TNo: 201806071207661.
We advocate strongly on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals especially Goal 17 (Collaboration and Partnership).
The Sustainable Development Goals are global footprints of development and we seek to create various platforms by partnering with youth-focused organizations to engage communities and individuals likely to be left behind.


  • Conference

  • Workshops

  • Trips

  • Awards/Dinner

  • Donations and Charity Exercises

Bonabear Foundation Ghana.jpg


The purpose of Bonabear Foundation Ghana as a non-governmental organization is to use more basic means to create awareness and educate on child neglect and abandonment resulting from broken homes and divorce or separation of married couples. The aim is to engage parents of victims through the interaction mechanism system with the help of professional and experienced resource persons to identify amicable channels of ensuring unity amongst families and also create an environment that is friendlier for abused and neglected children as well as counseling after being neglected and abused.

Our vision and plan is to reach millions of Ghanaians through our outreach program and sensitization tour. We will use social media and other media-related platforms to propagate and create awareness on child abuse and neglect. 

rickmes foundation.jpg


Rickmes Foundation is a non-governmental organization founded in 2019 by two students studying Disability and Rehabilitation Studies at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and technology. It was to created awareness, advocate, and support the surgical operation and the wellbeing of persons with hydrocephalus in Ghana. The foundation was registered in June 2019 under the constitution of Ghana. 

As an NGO our mission is to create awareness, protect and promote the right and the interest of persons with hydrocephalus to support their full participation in Ghana throughout their lifetime.


To be the leading disability and medical organization in Ghana that stands to visualize the abilities, capabilities, potentials, and the wellbeing of persons with hydrocephalus through empowerment and supporting activities for persons with hydrocephalus to be accepted and have self-confident life within the world in which they live. 

Yets Ghana.jpg


YETS Ghana is a locally driven NGO using sports as a tool to empower vulnerable youth, guide them towards a positive role in society, and prevent social exclusion. Thus, it provides youth the tools needed to succeed in society and make a positive contribution to their community. The organization was incorporated under the Companies Act, 1963 (ACT 179) on the 18th of May 2018.
At YETS Ghana we turn the model of charity upside down. We believe in local leadership with knowledge of local culture and society. Together with local leaders, we implemented the YETS methodology in a way to the local conditions. That is why we promote pro-social friendships, strong interpersonal skills, and reassert a sense of hope in the future. Only through personal relationships can a sense of individual responsibility be reestablished that will give youth the commitment to follow through a path to adulthood with a sense of pride and accomplishment. This way we get the best of both worlds: a successful approach that is implemented in a way that fits. 



Starlight Foundation is a non-governmental organization, with the aim of creating opportunities for street-connected children to help give them a better life and future. It seeks to do this by looking holistically at the life of the street-connected child and addressing as many concerns as possible. These include: fight for the rights of individuals on the streets, particularly the girl child and those found in some remote areas of the country, and also fight against sex objectification culture. We also work towards eliminating all forms of discrimination against women, women empowerment, and the achievement of gender equality.

Our Mission
To be an organization whose sole aim is service to Mankind and the Nation. The aim of the organization is to bring together less privileged youth on the streets and in some remote villages to help train them and equip them with various skills needed to thrive and succeed as individuals.



Achievers Ghana is a grassroots organization, streamlining how girls’ education is delivered in slum communities. Through our innovative systems of service to young people and the communities we serve, we have created consistent ways that improve girls' prospects of becoming independent, responsible, and influential women.

Our impact increases massively through the involvement of young women educated with Achievers Ghana support. Together, we increase the number of girls in schools and speed up their transition to livelihood and leadership.

Through the involvement of young women, girls are leading actions on the big challenges their communities are facing - from child marriage and girls exclusion from education to leadership.

Our collective efforts have already supported 2,000 girls to go back to school since 2011, and more than 2,500 children have benefited from our COVID-19 Home Literacy Project.



Changing lives, Building communities through youth Empowerment.



Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education for kids from the poorest households in Africa through the access of Good health care, Gender empowerment, and Clean water (WASH).



To achieve a community where children can live full lives supported by appropriate and sustainable education infrastructure and efficient use of public resources to make the world a better place.








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