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Lagos Nigeria

Our Approach

NCVO GHANA will be pooling financial resources from corporate bodies, family offices, foundations, and private individuals to find, fund, and scale early-stage, high-impact nonprofits and social ventures solving the big problems in Ghana and beyond.

Venture Philanthropy

Venture capital firms raise money and diversify it into few companies that are undervalued or capable of substantial and profitable growth. They periodically exchange information and resources to consciously grow their portfolio companies, expecting them to hit a certain milestone for exit.

Just like Venture capital firms but this time for nonprofits, NCVO GHANA will invest in early-stage and high-impact nonprofits and effectively access their performance on agreed milestones.

NCVO GHANA would want grantees to be held highly responsible for delivering tangible results and to use governance structures that will monitor and guide the journey to successful outcomes; affecting millions of people. The goal is to find, fund, and scale the Apple of non-profits right here in Africa.


In early-stage investing, founders are crucial, so we believe in backing good and daring founders. We believe that good founders will always find a way. It’s not necessarily about the model, because company ideas, mission, and vision often pivot.

20x Impact

Traditional NGO mechanism is gradually becoming unsustainable. At NCVO GHANA, we will look forward to identifying impactful, sustainable, or social enterprising opportunities together with NGO founding teams that we shall be investing in. At whatever stage the partner organization is, we will invest in avenues that can at least 20X impact.

Knowledge Equity

By 2030, Africa will be having the largest workforce in the world. This mean, over 1.1 billion young people will be roaming around the continent in search of better jobs and opportunities. By the end of this century, Africa will be having the largest population on earth. Out of every 10 persons, 4 will be African.

This can turn out to be our biggest moment or the worst tsunami in history.

It is therefore imperative that young innovators have an idea of our collective future and are well-positioned through learning and strategic alliance.


We also prioritize knowledge gained through experience. We will be looking out for founding teams that have clearly lived the problems, understand the root causes of the problem, and are angry about the problem.

Impact Model

We will invest in organizations that have the potential for outsized impact through significant scale and those whose work can create massive jobs and/or are targeting the harder problems.

Success Equity

Portfolio organizations will make voluntary commitments to periodically donate to the NCVO GHANA seed fund when they become profitable. In this way, our financing model can be sustainable and long-lasting.

What Our Clients Say

Young Non-profit Leader

Nathan Konadu

This is everything the non-profit sector in Ghana needed all this while. I am happy NCVO Ghana is here to make it happen!

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