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Fists in Solidarity


We’re proud to partner with leading global and local organizations as well as individuals that share in our belief that with the right mindset, funding, support, and guidance, the non-profit sector in Ghana can create an urgent third-arm of government needed to drive employability whilst building resilient and sustainable communities.



CaseStudy: Collaboration with Ghanaescapes to organize a party for children with HIV/AIDS.

Ghanaescapes is a globally renowned organization that brings tourists and diasporans to Ghana every year to learn and enjoy the History, Culture, Events, Sights & Sounds of Ghana. Since 2018, we have been strong partners.


Case study: Collaboration with Chavah Foundation to support children with HIV/AIDS

We handled the fundraising and project implementation strategies to make this event a great one.



Case Study: Collaboration with MovewithKB to raise awareness and funds to support children with cancer in Korle-bu hospital.

MovewithKB is a sports and fitness company in the UK. Since 2019, we have collaborated to make giving back to home easier for KB.


Collaboration with IGEA to support education in northern part of Ghana.

Education is at the heart of the sustainable development goals and we can never say NO to such initiatives.

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