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Accelerator for non-profits and social relevant ventures.

NCVO Ghana train, mentor, and fund daring non-profit organizations led by great founders. Our work is made possible by a community of angel investors who provide generous philanthropic support to fuel our portfolio investing and ecosystem-building efforts. Through our Non-Profit Leaders Fellowship Academy, we identify the country's most promising founders and provide them with critical technical training, mentorship and multi-year funding.

Our unique model brings together the rigor of venture capital and the humanity of the non-profit sector to unlock long-term value and drive economic growth.


We seek to advance the course of social entrepreneurship within the non-profit sector in a seamless manner to achieve sustainable development for diverse groups of persons, communities, and geographies in Ghana.

The organization was founded and is headed by Shirley Abedi-Boafo, who is an award-winning CEO.

Shirley has extensive experience in community engagements, as well as brokering effective partnerships, notably through her work with Barking & Dagenham Faith Forum, Support the Family and Heartfelt Philanthropy Network in the UK.

Join us in providing opportunities to the next generation of spirited African changemakers!

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