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Our Manifesto Of Change

Nonprofit organizations are community-based and have proximity to local issues. We believe nonprofit organizations have the potential to be more impactful and more sustainable if they are supported to build structures and systems that guarantee accountability, transparency, and sustainability. We believe that our local expertise and experience are urgently needed to identify, train, and connect great nonprofit teams and leaders to turn their passion into job-creation and systemic gap-bridging vehicles.



Africa has the lowest unemployment rate globally among young people between the ages of 15 to 24. Every year 10 million to 12 million youth graduate from school and enter the workforce and only 3 million out of these gain formal jobs.


Many of these groups are volunteering with nonprofit organizations to boost their CV for immigration and the others who are constrained to travel try to find a way out in entrepreneurship.


But a small number of young entrepreneurs in sub-Saharan Africa find success, and they are rarely able to subsequently hire fellow young Africans because of Africa’s unfriendly and multi-angled startup climate. 


Imagining new approaches 


Current funding vehicles usually supervised by existing fund managers don’t benefit grassroot innovation and communities—particularly concerning as two-thirds of new job seekers across Africa live in rural areas.


Most of these managers are locked in the selfish ideology of investing in only technology companies without considering the fact that Africa is an infrastructure problem. Africa has only 22% of its population connected to its expensive internet. Clearly, Africa needs to  pay attention and invest horizontally (beyond tech)


Big Moment or Worst Tsunami 


By 2030, Africa will be having the largest workforce in the world. This will mean, over 1.1 billion young people will be roaming around the continent in search of better jobs and opportunities. By the end of this century, Africa will be having the largest population on earth. Out of every 10 persons, 4 will be African.


This can either be our big moment or the worst population tsunami in history. It can be the population that meets dignified jobs and infrastructure or one that will struggle for basics such as food and water.


Invest in new approaches 


Public good especially corporate bodies can use their financial power to support new players with a new direction. 

Instead of offering huge cash and grants to build the next unicorn in Africa, we can turn that into for-purpose businesses on a mission to bridge huge inequalities in African communities.



Inviting and equipping leaders to engage with the power of finance 



We understand how public goods funds are currently limited because of issues of trust and transparency and general economic hardships.


Ncvo Ghana will work to radically expand impact and transparency to give companies and the public a reason to use finance as a sustainability tool to bridge gaps and leave no one behind.


We send meaningful invitations and amplify our impact narratives to engage donors and groups to raise funds, adapt our resources and tools to our new audiences, commit to difficult conversations and stay in difficult moments 

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