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Why should I become an investor(donor)?

We prefer to call donations made to support our cause an investment. We strongly believe every cent given to us yields social knock-on benefits that compound over time. NCVO Ghana leverage the expertise of our board, staff, and community to create cost-effective and sustainable interventions.

How does NCVO Ghana use donation?

At the end of every NPL cohort, selected nonprofit organizations will be given an initial working capital to implement an improved sustainable version of their operating model co-created with our team and expert mentors. Your money makes this funding possible.

What impact will my donation have?

Nonprofit organizations mainly exist as a response to social issues that must be tackled without necessarily considering financial returns. In emerging economies such as Ghana, a number of complex issues exist and we ought to empower nonprofits to quickly close the gaps. It is through an empowered nonprofit front that privileges can be extended to the extremely poor, marginalized, and vulnerable groups within our society for an equal and fair playing field.


Unfortunately, nonprofit organizations in Ghana and most parts of Africa are quickly fading out because of limited access to public funding. The general claim has been that Nonprofit Organizations are imposters that milk the public for self-enrichment.

 " They claim to speak on behalf of the poor, the disadvantaged, women, the disabled, AIDS victims or whatever, but they rather take our money to enrich themselves" — Kofi, Accra.

While these claims cannot be totally ignored, the truth remains that, there are many credible non-profit organizations led by young people that are actively operating in the country with innovative solutions to poverty. These good ones must be separated, recognized, supported, projected, and rewarded.

Your donation will help us separate the 'Sheep from the wolves'. The Non-Profit Leaders Fellowship Academy carefully curated curriculum allows credible nonprofit organizations to be well resourced and positioned yet very accountable and transparent to catalyze growth, sustainability, and impact.

How does NCVO Ghana find and fund exceptional Non-profit teams?

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