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Leading In the Non-Profit Setting

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Service Description

As global and localized uncertainties and threats continue to build up with the associated protracted period of volatilities, disruption, and opportunities, it is necessary to develop leaders who will be a vibrant community of change agents adequately prepared to transform organizations, the society, environment, and the world in general. Achieving impactful success in today’s fast-paced changing social enterprise and voluntary organizations’ environment, requires taking lessons from the past and reframing them for present to confront the uncertainty of the future. This leadership course will focus exclusively on how to navigate through the most pressing issues facing leaders of voluntary and social enterprise organizations, as well as confronting the general organizational environment in today’s digital age. It is a dynamic and full immersion program, that will use simulations, prototyping, analytics, case studies, real-world issues, role-playing scenarios, small-group discussions, and recommendations based on findings, to offer exceptional learning experiences. Participants will also be made to discuss specific challenges with resource persons and fellow cohorts to explore how analytical leadership can be leveraged and applied to solve both straight-forward and complex issues facing their organizations. In addition, participants will anticipate, contextualize, and simulate the future, analyzing the economic, social, governance, and environmental forces that are shaping global social enterprises and voluntary organizations, with strategic thinking and leadership skills. Thus, the training program will combine an expansive range of practical, experiential, participatory, and adult learning approaches to create an insightful and successful learning environment.

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